New Rules after Rory's Murder

Article excerpt


A NEW scheme to alert parents if their child does not turn up to classes is being introduced in the wake of the Rory Blackhall murder.

Headteachers at all primary schools in West Dunbartonshire have been instructed to contact parents by 9.30am if a pupil is absent from school.

The move is in response to the death of 11-year-old Rory, from Livingston, West Lothian. He was dropped off close to his primary school on August 18 by his mother.

It was only hours later, when his grandfather went to collect him, that it was realised he was missing. Three days later, Rory's body was found in nearby woods.

His killer, Simon Harris, 37, who was awaiting trial on sex charges, was found hanged at his home on August 28.

West Dunbartonshire Council officials have now decided to tighten procedures to avoid children being left unaccounted for during school hours.

The council is also urging parents to call in to primary schools before 9. …