'German Month' Returns

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The "German Month" is back! After its re-launch in 2004, German Month 2005 promises a kaleidoscope of activities aimed to showcase the many different faces of a country little known to many Filipinos.

In cooperation with the German Embassy, Goethe Institut, The German Club and The German School, Fairs & More mounts the celebration of the German Month, dubbed "Germany: It's more than you think!"

It will show Filipinos more of the facets that comprise Germany, and the friendship between the two countries (Germany and Philippines) that has withstood the test of time.

"Filipinos sometimes see Germany as a combination of high-technology and beer culture. But Germany is also about art, design, sports and environmental awareness. Our events aim to give Filipinos from all walks of life a taste of the different and undiscovered aspects of Germany - apart from having a lot of fun!," said Tina Schumacher, Fairs & More Events director.

Oscar M. Lopez, co-chairman of the Philippine-German Economic Council, stated that the Philippines signed a Protocol of Trade with Germany on April 25, 1955.

However, the relationship between the two countries, actually dates back to 1846 when the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg established a consulate in Manila, followed in 1849 by the Free and Hanseatic City of Bremen.

In general, Filipinos associate German brands with high quality and service. The German automotive industry is one of the strongest. German pharmaceutical companies are among the largest in the country.Undoubtably, German investments in the Philippines has brought in capital and technology.

"I am very confident about the future of Philippine-German ties because even though our cultures may seem worlds apart, I believe that a strong spiritual bond ties Germans and Filipinos. I find it significant that our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, found refuge and inspiration in Germany that enabled him to articulate our people's budding thoughts of freedom. I am confident that as we celebrate the golden years of Philippine-German relations, the best years are yet to come," Lopez said.

Philippine Ambassador Delia Albert also stated that Germany is now the Philippines' largest export market in Europe and she sees an even greater potential for growth.

Escada house model Anna Krolicka, 23-year-old Polish international model, arrived in Manila (Sept 12) to join 16 Filipina models in the "Mercedes Benz Fashion Show-powered by Lufthansa" on Sept. 15.

"I've been modeling for eight years but it's my first time to work in the Philippines. I am very excited because I find Filipino people very friendly and accommodating," Krolicka said.

Westin Philippines Plaza's Harbor Garden Tent hosted the showcase of fashion elegance by Escada, featuring apparel for all occasions, accessories, fragrance/beauty and eye wear.

Puma, German sportswear and sneaker company, also featured its sports-inspired lifestyle apparel while Mercedes Benz stole the show with its beautiful cars on display.

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