Jobs: Careers in Civil Engineering: Engineering a Great Job; If You're Good at Science and Have an Analytical Mind, a Career in Civil Engineering Mayappeal. Michelle Rushton Drew Up Plans to Find out More

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Byline: Michelle Rushton

What does a career in civil engineering involve Civil engineers work on the planning, design, construction and management of projects in a diverse variety of fields, for example, structural engineering, which involves bridges, dams, buildings, offshore platforms and pipelines.

Other areas include transportation (roads, railways, tunnels and airports), maritime (ports, harbours and sea defences) and environmental (public water supply networks, irrigation, drainage, waste disposal and sewerage treatment.) There's also hydraulics (the movement or diversion of water by channels, canals, water lifts and flood barriers) and geotechnical (soil mechanics, earthworks and construction foundations.) Civil engineers work both in offices and on site. Typical duties involvediscussing specifications with clients and other professionals and carrying out feasibility studies for projects, looking at materials, costs, time, labour, environmental impact and risk assessment, as well as drawing up plans. They prepare bids for tenders and ensure projects adhere to legal guidelines What personal skills do you need? You need to excel at maths, scienceand IT skills with a flair for analysing complex problems and devising solutions. A thorough knowledge of legal regulations is vital. …