Montgomery County's End Run

Article excerpt


Two months ago, as the town of Herndon rammed a taxpayer-funded day-labor center down the throats of its residents, it at least allowed residents to voice displeasure. But in Montgomery County, day-labor centers, which draw illegals, have flown largely under the radar. That's no accident.

For months, Gaithersburg leaders, County Executive Doug Duncan and their allies have blocked the public from discussions surrounding the proposed Gaithersburg Upcounty Enployment Center and are only now beginning to let the public have some input. Since the negotiations with contractors are all but complete, it's clear the country's political class has made a colossal end run around the citizens it is supposed to serve.

In Gaithersburg, city and county leaders have been planning to create the center for more than a year. They had wanted to open shop in July, but renovation problems and contracting issues have slowed the project. Incredibly, city leaders never consulted the public in any meaningful way before their intended start date. In fact, their first public discussion of the center took place only last month. Prior to this, the meetings on the day-labor site took place behind closed doors.

That has displeased many area residents. …