Spectators and Bands in Fine Form at Moira Event

Article excerpt

THERE have been a number of pipe band contests at Moira Demesne in recent years, but undoubtedly the biggest ! and the best which was ever held there took place last Saturday.

The weather was excellent, the bands were in fine form, there were thousands of spectators with ample facilities for all their needs, and the revamped Demesne provided an excellent venue for such an event.

And the sum total of all that suggests that Moira Demesne should now be on the short list for at least an Ulster or All-Ireland Championship event in the near future.

And as an added important ingredient, in Lisburn City Council the contest promoters would have full backing, financially and otherwise, for such an event.

We&ll leave those thoughts with the powers that be ! the Northern Ireland Branch of the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association.

The only suggestions that were commented on from a debit viewpoint were that the playing arenas were perhaps a little too close ! there was certainly sufficient space to overcome that.

The other was that the spectators would have preferred to have had Grade One on centre stage$ by themselves. As it was, this grade overlapped with Grade Three A. But I hasten to add that there were two reasons for that. Firstly, one of the adjudicators involved in Grade Three A was playing with his band, and was not available until after they had left the Grade Two arena ! and secondly, the bands themselves in practically all the grades were not always prepared to enter their respective arena&s as per the time table printed in the programme.

So in the final analysis the bands themselves were the %culprits&.

The results were generally on a par with previous events this year.

The exception was that Marlacoo came out on top in Grade Three A, with Seven Towers in second place ! and they were almost overtaken by Banbridge in third place.

The Ballymena band would not have been unduly perturbed by being second ! they have the grade champion of champions title already won.

The complete results were :

Grade Four B ! …