Aircraft Industry Ponders Its Future

Article excerpt

RADICAL measures to tackle aircraft noise and atmospheric pollution are two of the challenging issues being discussed at a major international conference on the future of plane designs which opened in Belfast yesterday.

The First International Conference on Innovation and Integration in Aerospace Sciences at the Waterfront Hall is being attended by around 150 leading aerospace experts from across the world and more than 70 papers will be presented on the future of aircraft design during the two-day event.

The focus on designing planes for tomorrow comes as the aviation industry faces the challenge set by the Advisory Council for Aeronautical Research in Europe to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by 50 per cent, and nitrogen oxide emissions by 80 per cent, by 2020. A target of 50 per cent reduction in noise has also been set.

At the conference, the impact of civil aircraft on the environment will be addressed by Dr Jeff Jupp, chairman of the Environment Safety and Security Working Group, a consultant to Airbus and Visiting Professor at the University of Bath.

In his paper, Dr Jupp warns that the predicted doubling of air travel over the next 15 years will have a major effect on the environment and climate change.

Environmental issues will have a profound impact on airframe and engine design and aircraft operation. …