Motorcycling - A NEW ERA WITH BUSH

Article excerpt

A NEW road race, the Bush 100, is expected to be up and running next June under the auspices of the relaunched Dungannon and District motorcycle club.

Earlier this week 100 enthusiasts attended an open meeting to kickstart the old Dungannon club and at the same time put plans forward for a road race in the area.

The club chairman is R J Hazelton who can reflect on 22-years as a road racer during which time he won four 400 cc Irish road race titles.

Hannah McCartney, the club secretary, is probably the driving force behind the road race,$ said Hazelton.

The support which we have had is encouraging, the next step is to appoint delegates and have the club affiliated to the Ulster Centre.

Road racing has a future and we want to be part of it,$ added Hazelton.

We may have lost Carrowdore and the Temple but in the Southern Centre there is no shortage of new road races.

Now is the time to claim back part of our heritage and that&s exactly what we intend doing in the Dungannon area.

The very first Dungannon race was held in the vicinity of Newmills back in 1924,$ according to Hazelton.

Then in 1927 it moved to Bush near Coalisland but it survived just one year.

Now almost 80 years on we have located a suitable 3. …