Environmental Technology Opportunities Portal

Article excerpt

In 2003, Congress mandated that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) set up a centralized office for facilitating public-private partnerships established to commercialize cost-effective environment-related technologies. As part of this effort, the EPA has created the Environmental Technology Opportunities Portal (ETOP), located at http://www.epa.gov/etop/, where technology developers can access the numerous pro grams--financial and otherwise--that the EPA offers them.

The site is designed to help developers understand EPA programs on offer so that they can better take advantage of the money and other resources available through these programs.

The site has three primary sections. The largest is the For Technology Developers section. From this section, visitors can go to subsections to learn more about getting financial support, finding ways to demonstrate and verify their technologies, marketing their products, disseminating information, building partnerships, and advocating for their innovations.

The Financial Support subsection of this page includes information not just about EPA sources, but also about monies available from other federal agencies and the private sector. The Demonstration/Verification subsection has links to various programs designed specifically for field-testing and otherwise demonstrating new technologies in certain areas, such as the Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation Program.

The Marketing subsection provides links to the VENDINFO database of pollution prevention equipment, products, and services, as well as to marketing/labeling programs such as Energy Star. Finally, the Information, Partnership, and Advocacy Programs subsection includes links to resources such as the EPA's Technology Innovation Program, an information and advocacy group that promotes the use of new technologies in remediation of a variety of polluted sites. …