Mayor Outlines Plan to Diversify Employees

Article excerpt

Byline: Bob Susnjara Daily Herald Staff Writer

Gurnee Mayor Kristina Kovarik has outlined her ideas for boosting the number of minorities employed by village government.

Kovarik said she plans to discuss her three-pronged plan at an informal Gurnee village board committee meeting Oct. 24. Some trustees who are Kovarik's political opponents publicly questioned in May the lack of diversity among village employees.

None of Gurnee's 206 full-time municipal employees is black. Two police officers are Latino.

During a village board meeting late Monday, Kovarik said it's time for Gurnee to formalize a plan to seek more minorities for municipal jobs. She said "even more dramatic change" is projected for Gurnee's increasing minority population.

"A comprehensive approach is needed," Kovarik said, "because whatever the village does must be systematic and coordinated rather than piecemeal. A piecemeal approach will not accomplish sustainable or lasting change."

Kovarik's three-pronged idea involves:

- Establishing a new commission that would issue recommendations to the village board for action. It would comprise five to nine members with experience in diversity and human relations. …