Endangered Wild Animals Being Sold by Illegal Traders in Cebu Confiscated

Article excerpt


CEBU CITY - Endangered animal species worth some R20,000 were confiscated from illegal traders who openly displayed the animals for sale on Magallanes and V. Gullas streets here.

Officials of the City and Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office, together with representatives of local government units confiscated 11 iguanas sold at R1,000 each; a wildcat sold at R3,000; two Philippine pythons, R1,000 each; a colito, R500; two parakeets, R1,000 each; and a preserved lizard, R1,000.

CENRO Officer Loreto Rivac said the illegal traders, who fled upon seeing the authorities, had been the subjects of a month-long surveillance launched after the environment office received reports of the trading of wild animals in the area.

He said the species may have come from places outside Cebu such as Mindoro or from outside the country.

Republic Act 9147 or the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act specifically places under government protection all endangered species of flora and fauna and identifies so­called critical habitats of threatened species.

The law also provides conditions for the preservation of such habitats, a ban on the harvest and transport of endangered species for their protection and preservation, and captive breeding in wild farms, etc.

Imprisonment of as long as 12 years and a fine of R1 million are imposed on those who try to sell species listed as critical.

The seized species were brought to the nature center of the DENR.

Meanwhile in Davao City, the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) has started the propagation of other large tropical raptors in the wild under its conservation breeding program (CBP) which has proved successful in the captive propagation of the endangered Philippine Eagle. …