We're off and Running!

Article excerpt

NSA's committees, with staff assistance and Board of Governors oversight, formulate and implement most of our policies and programs throughout the year. Five of the committees met immediately after the Annual Convention in San Antonio, and I am proud that I can report to the membership that we are off and running for 2004-05--an excellent way to begin NSA's 60th year of service to its members.


The defense of practice rights is always a primary concern, and we have a capable and experienced committee looking after this area. The Committee is preparing for a Legislative Strategy Conference in conjunction with the New Orleans Leadership Networking Conference in November and is working on a "user friendly" matching funds application. The regulatory newsletter that NSA published in the past is going to be revived as an e-mail newsletter, so that every interested person is kept aware of developments in all states. The State Regulation and Oversight Committee (SROC) is starting an enormously exciting project: the enactment of laws or regulations that will permit use of the Accredited Business Accountant (ABA) credential in states that now forbid it. An initial effort will be undertaken in 10 to 15 states that SROC considers primary targets. We hope to work with the Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation to make those same states the sites of ACAT's new ABA "cram course" program, so that we maximize the impact of both projects.

Our professional education program began in September with a low-cost, two-day seminar in Baltimore. More than 300 members attended this experimental event, so we view it as a success that should be repeated in future years. We also gained valuable insights into ways to improve the conference; the Education Committee is planning to expand the program next year to include an additional location. The dream for the future is to have low-cost educational seminars located within driving distance of most members. The Committee also worked hard on the conference that NSA sponsors with our New Jersey affiliate, on the Las Vegas seminar on taxation and professional development, and on the Serving Aging America program. …