Joking Jerry Takes the Mick out of Romeo Jagger; Model Has Celebrities in Stitches as She Mocks Stone about His 'Fillies'

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IT'S been all over for six years now.

But that didn't stop a giggling Jerry Hall making a few well-aimed digs at the expense of her philandering ex-husband.

The 48-year-old actress and model spoke frankly of Mick Jagger's weakness for women as she hosted a fashion awards night in Monte Carlo.

And as the audience - including Victoria Beckham, Mariah Carey and Prince Albert of Monaco - hooted with laughter, Miss Hall seemed to revel in a little light-hearted revenge.

Asked on stage by her co-host Jeremy Irons whether Sir Mick might host the event with her next year, she replied: 'Are you insane? Have you seen how many models there are here? Even he couldn't afford the child support payments.' A few moments later, the unfortunate Jagger was in her sights again.

Asked whether she had tried a spot of betting during her stay in Monte Carlo, she replied that she didn't gamble, as she always ended up losing.

Irons persevered and Miss Hall admitted that she did like betting on 'the fillies'. She then added: 'Of course, Mick always liked betting on a lot of fillies at the same time.

'Unfortunately, the last filly he bet on, I got to keep the house'.

Jagger fathered his seventh child, Lucas, with model Luciana Morad while married to Miss Hall, the mother of four of his children.

After years of putting up with his unfaithfulness, the affair with Miss Morad was the last straw.

Miss Hall promptly divorced him and did indeed get to keep their [pounds sterling]7million home in Richmond, South West London. After a protracted paternity battle the 62-year-old Rolling Stones singer was also forced to pay child support for his son with Miss Morad. …