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BA CHAIRMAN Lord King used to say his personal assistant, Jayne Sheek, ran the airline. But Ms Sheek, 55, wasn't at his recent funeral.

Nor will she be at the reception in the Savoy following his memorial service next Wednesday. Why so? Because of a huge falling-out with John King's wife, Isabel, for whom she used to undertake many personal tasks. Four years ago, Lady King apparently told Ms Sheek she had 'a sad little life'. A furious Ms Sheek told her: 'Lady King, get out of my office, now!' She then rang Lord King - by that time BA's president emeritus - and told him she'd never speak to his wife again.

The result: Ms Sheek was not invited to Lord King's funeral after his death aged 86 in July. She will attend next week's memorial service at St Margaret's, Westminster, because she applied to the church for a ticket. But friends of Ms Sheek say Lady King instructed BA to have her name removed from the Savoy guest list. One said: 'Jayne used to organise John King 24/7 - and often took 20 calls a day from his wife, too.'

THE biggest female box office star of all time, Doris Day, 81, (pictured in her prime) who says she's still capable of tap dancing, has done her bit for survivors of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana. She paid $20,000 to rent an old DC3 to fly 100 New Orleans cats and dogs to a refuge in California.

PRINCESS Michael of Kent and her daughter Lady Ella went to Christie's to view Nelson's quill and one of Napoleon's hats - the vain old emperor got through one a month, but few have actually survived - which go under the hammer in London today as part of a special Trafalgar sale. …