Benefits Cheat Took a [Pounds Sterling]20,000 Concorde Flight to New York

Article excerpt

A MAN claiming [pounds sterling]56a-week unemployment benefit spent [pounds sterling]20,000 on a Concorde luxury break to New York, a court heard yesterday.

Malcolm Bingley, who has not worked for 17 years, went supersonic on one of Concorde's last commercial flights in 2003, taking [pounds sterling]10,000 in spending money.

He sipped vintage champagne and sampled fine French cuisine on the flight while taxpayers forked out for his [pounds sterling]56a-week Jobseeker's Allowance.

Widower Bingley, 60, even boasted about the trip to benefit fraud investigators.

Sunderland magistrates heard that Bingley pocketed [pounds sterling]5,456 in benefits over two years - without declaring [pounds sterling]75,000 in his bank account.

He even accepted an extra [pounds sterling]10 a week for going on a computer training course. Bingley, of Ryhope, Tyne and Wear, told investigators he believed he did not have to mention the money because it was inherited following the deaths of his mother and an aunt.

But he was found guilty of ten charges of benefit fraud, fined [pounds sterling]500 and given 14 days to repay the Department of Work and Pensions. …