HOOT HIT GOLFERS HAD NO DE-FENCE; Klaxons Win Course Barrier War

Article excerpt


CANNY residents living next to a golf course finally won a battle over a 6ft fence ruining their view by noisily putting off golfers as they tried to tee-off.

The householders in Knightsridge, Livingston, broke the course owner's stubborn resistance by bringing in klaxons and trampolines to disrupt a corporate golf day.

The bedlam began as Deer Park Golf and Country Club owner, property magnate John Muir, and his clients arrived at the eighth tee.

As the golfers tried to concentrate on their shots, they were distracted by a group of angry Barnes Green residents, who were just 10 feet away.

Whenever the golfers tried to tee off the residents bounced up and down on trampolines, sounded deafening air horns, blasted out music and blew whistles to put them off.

And their protest worked. John Muir Homes, which built the development and owns the golf course, has now lowered the fence to 3ft.

Before the fence was erected, the residents, whose homes cost upwards of pounds 250,000, enjoyed an unobstructed view of the scenic course.

They decided to take direct action after the firm didn't reply to letters complaining about the fence which was put up this summer.

Local resident Jennie Hamilton, 43, said: "We had a tip-off they were closing the course for this corporate golf day and John Muir himself would be attending.

"After weeks of him not answering our letters we thought it was the ideal way to get his attention.

"We hired a trampoline, set up banners and let off air horns whenever the golfers, who had paid a lot of money to be there, went to tee off. …