U.S. Catholics "Key" to Positive Changes in Haiti

Article excerpt

After visiting the desperately poor in the Haitian village of Thomonde, Msgr. Michael Flanagan has dedicated himself to rallying support in America for their urgent needs.

Msgr. Flanagan believes that he and other Americans can play a key role in the recovery of Thomonde and other destitute areas of Haiti. He urges U.S. Catholics to seize this opportunity to help the poor overseas.

"In Matthew 25:31-46, Jesus gave us a preview of the final judgment, and the power of those words burned in my soul as I walked through Thomonde," Msgr. Flanagan said. "When Jesus related the last judgment of mankind, he made the shocking revelation--that help given to the poor would equate to help given to Him, and that those who ignored the poor would be judged as if they had ignored Christ himself. The connection to Haiti and Thomonde is both obvious and challenging. That destitute village is a place where Christ abides today. He is there among the poor, calling for our help."

Flanagan also encourages Catholics to see the Judgment story in Matthew as a blessing rather than as a source of anxiety or fear. …