Serial Entrepreneurs

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The Skype lads are only the latest to repeat their success in creating a business or technology. A roundup of some others:

Sir Richard Branson, 55

Founder of the Virgin empire, Branson is also a British celebrity, owing to his sportsman adventures. Virgin Records launched in 1973 and Branson established his signature transatlantic airline in 1984. There are also Virgin retail stores, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Galactic space travel and other ventures.

Steve Jobs, 50

Jobs cofounded Apple Computer in 1976. He was kicked out in a management coup, then started another computer company (NeXT), only to return triumphantly as Apple's CEO in 1997. Along the way, he launched Pixar Animation into a filmmaking powerhouse.

Marc Andreessen 34

With his central role in creating the Mosaic Web browser and then Netscape, Andreessen, at 24, was the poster boy for the '90s dot-com revolution. In 1999, he started Loudcloud, a Web service firm, that's now Opsware.

Jim Clark, 61

The grown-up who organized the wonder lads of Netscape, Clark had already struck gold with Silicon Graphics in 1982. After Netscape, he started Healtheon, which merged with WebMD. Clark also backed and

Stelios Haji-Ioumnou, 38

At 28, Haji-Ioumnou founded easyJet, a pioneer in low-cost European aviation. …