LEGAL WEEK: Lawyers Check Cases Anywhere at Click of Mouse

Article excerpt

MORE than half the lawyers at one Wirral legal firm can now access their full workload from any location - waving goodbye to rigid shifts, long commutes and paper strewn offices.

Hillyer McKeown's 75 staff are taking advantage of recent technological advancements, such as wireless laptops, web conferencing and state of the art network systems to keep up with the demands of family, work and home.

They can log on, answer queries, see how cases are progressing, as well as accessing full client data with the click of a mouse.

The move allows the high street firm to centralise its Wirral operation and compete more effectively against national operatives.

After investing more than pounds 100,00 in just over a year in updating their IT system, the business, which has three offices in Chester and one in Wirral, is hoping to increase profits and expand further into the commercial sector.

"As far as I can see, technology has removed the traditional boundaries that once constrained ambitious legal firms like ours," explained managing partner David Wright, who is based in Chester. …