Hot Shots Find Iron Age Farm; Eye in the Sky Team Spots Ancient Site

Article excerpt


TWO men with a passion for photography and archaeology have discovered what could be the site of an iron age farmstead.

Anglesey team John Rowlands, 35, from Pentraeth, and David Roberts, 44, from Malltraeth, are carrying out an "eye in the sky" survey of the whole island.

Last night senior Bangor University school of ocean sciences technician John revealed the discovery was made after they trawled through hundreds of photographs taken from a tiny light aircraft 3,500ft above Anglesey.

During the summer the colleagues carried out a survey of the island's coastline. Then they embarked on the much bigger project covering the rest of the island a few weeks ago.

John, who pilots the plane while David hangs out of the window taking pictures, said: "We struck lucky on our second flight and found our first significant structure - a raised circular area about 50 metres in diameter surrounded by a ditch.

"The other day I went along with an expert from Gwynedd Archaeological Trust to the site and after an extensive examination he believes it may be iron age or possibly some kind of enclosure from Roman times - possibly a farmstead."

John added: "Each flight from Caernarfon lasts about 30 minutes and David takes up to 700 images a trip. …