McGuinness's Bid to Hold Bush to Ransom 'Pathetic'

Article excerpt

SINN Fein was mocked yesterday for "making hollow threats" against the US in a row between the party and the most powerful nation on earth over Gerry Adams' visa rights.

Martin McGuinness expressed concern at newspaper reports quoting US State Department sources as saying there could be a visa restriction on the Sinn Fein leader, who is due to visit New York later this month for an annual fundraising dinner.

The Mid-Ulster MP said Mr Adams would pull out of the visit if restrictions were placed on him.

It is believed that if limits are put on the Sinn Fein leader's activities in the US, it will be because of the party's continued refusal to support law and order in the Province.

Ulster Unionist MLA David McNarry said it was refreshing that Washington was finally seeing Sinn Fein "for what they really are".

"The IRA walked away with pounds 26 million from the Northern Bank and should be prevented from carrying out their fundraising activities in the US," he said.

"Just because President Bush won't roll out the red carpet for Sinn Fein, their chief negotiator has resorted to bully boy tactics and issuing hollow threats. Just who does Martin McGuinness think he is? …