Tennyson's Gay Great Grandson Is Murdered

Article excerpt


THE flamboyant great grandson of Alfred Lord Tennyson has been found murdered at his home.

Hallam Tennyson, an 83-yearold homosexual novelist, had been stabbed in the neck.

Detectives believe he may have been killed by someone he had met and taken back to his flat that night.

His live-in partner, who returned home to find his body, has been questioned by police but is not a suspect.

Police were called to the flat, part of a modern accommodation block in Crouch End, North London, at 11.20pm on Wednesday.

Mr Tennyson was found lying naked on his bloodsoaked bed and pronounced dead at the scene.

Officers were last night checking his phone records and diary to see who he had been in contact with in the days before his death.

Sources said the great grandson of the Victorian poet was known to enjoy a 'colourful lifestyle'. There was no sign of a burglary or robbery.

His grandfather, Lionel, was Lord Tennyson's son by his marriage to Emily Sellwood. A father of two, Mr Tennyson separated from his wife, Margo, in 1975.

He has spoken at length about his sexuality.

'Lord Tennyson, my great grandfather, would no doubt be absolutely horrified by me,' he once said.

'He was a sexual prude whereas I've always been very liberal when it comes to sex.

'There's no doubt that I rebelled against my family background.

'From an early age my political views were quite radical and during World War II I became a pacifist and refused to fight. …