What Is Army ROTC? Army ROTC Is a College Program That Enables Students Not Only to Graduate with a Degree in !Heir Chosen College Majors, but Also to Receive Officers' Commissions in the U.S. Army, the Army National Guard, or the Army Reserve

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ROTC curses are like any other college elective. And most college students can enroll in ROTC for a year without incurring any military service obligation.

ROTC cadets are eligible for numerous financial benefits, including scholarships worth up to $80,000.

ROTC graduates have the opportunity to serve full time as Officers in the active Army or to serve part time in the Army National Guard or Reserve while pursuing regular civilian careers or continuing their education.

Students at more than 700 colleges and universities nationwide have access to Army ROTC programs, and about 30,000 students participate each year.


Army ROTC helps ensure a young person's success in college and in life. It builds confidence and teaches the planning and time-management skills needed to succeed in college, as well as the leadership, management, and motivational skills critical to success in life. These skills are not just taught in class. ROTC cadets can practice them in special ROTC activities and summer training. ROTC classes last just a few hours a week and fulfill elective requirements at most colleges.

Army ROTC provides a competitive edge that will be of value in either a military or a civilian career. In fact, many civilian employers place a premium on the skills and experience gained through ROTC.


Army ROTC offers two-, three-, and four-year scholarships to qualified students who are seeking bachelor's degrees in nursing. Army ROTC nurse candidates join the Army Nurse Corps upon graduation from an accredited nursing program, successful completion of a state board examination, and commissioning as Army Officers. …