Great Schools for Criminal Justice: The Growing Fascination with Forensic Science Parallels the Exciting Theoretical and Scientific Advances Being Made Every Day. These Universities Offer Exciting Courses, Student Research, Intensive Field Experience, and Practical Internships

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Note: Student numbers refer to undergraduates.

Rochester Institute of Technology


TUITION: $22,605

R/B: $8,451

STUDENTS: 12,9333

The Bachelor of Science degree program in criminal justice offers students a broad education with a curriculum that prepares them for a wide range of careers. RIT's approach combines theoretical perspectives with practical experience. Students study in the areas of crime, criminal behavior, social control mechanisms, administration, planning, and management, and the emphasis is on problem-solving techniques based on research in the field and students' own guided research. The program is unique in its broad core curriculum, professional course offerings, intensive field experience, and career-oriented internships,

Southern Wesleyan University


TUITION: $14,300

R/B: $5,200


Scientific detectives use microscopes, genetic science and computer technology to uncover facts and analyze crime scenes. Southern Wesleyan University in Central, SC, offers majors designed for these new age detectives: forensic science and forensic computer science. …