Virginie Ledoyen out of Leonardo DiCaprioa[euro][TM]s Shadow

Article excerpt

Her face has appeared in countless European newspapers and magazines. Recognized as the most talented French actress of her generation, Virginie Ledoyen was once in the shadow of American heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio where she got get her share of the limelight in the Kingdom as well as in the film.

Her pretty face has not gone unnoticed by world readers, as many newspapers have published her pictures. Some have even managed to dig up old photos of her scantily-clad, taken when she was few years younger. Yet, as the newspaper L.A. Daily News said "though she is very popular in only Europe and England, beautiful French girl Virginie Ledoyen, who once starred with Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie "The Beach," gradually grabbed the attention she deserves from the people, while some are still focused on the Titanic American star."

Nevertheless, Virginie Ledoyenas fame is no longer in doubt. In Europe and especially in France, her native country, the young star was named the most talented of all the young actresses by Elle magazine, and further predicted that "2006 will be Virginie Ledoyenas year." At 29, with 18 years of acting experience and some 14 films to her credit, her career should hit a turning point as a result of the international exposure from the film aThe Beacha, by aTrainspottinga director Danny Boyle.

Slowly, Ledoyen has built up a wide breadth of experience and know-how, with the maturity of someone far beyond her age. These are qualities for which she is well-known and appreciated today. Much of her knowledge however, comes directly from books, which she carries with her everywhere, even when she has to shoot on location. "It was my mother who taught me to read when I was four and I havenat stopped since. When I was little, reading meant independence and whenever I had some pocket money I would spend it on books," she commented. A bookworm, her taste in books is very eclectic, from 19th and 20th century AngloSaxon literature to Japanese, Russian and French writers.

At 16, she made up her mind about her future. The teenager decided to go from being an occasional actress during school holidays, to take up the career for good. She made this life-changing decision in 1994 during the shooting of French director Olivier Assayaas film aCold Watera, in which she plays a troubled teenager living on the edge (her breakthrough role). She then went on to work with various renowned directors and took her first English-language part in James Ivoryas film, aA Soldieras Daughter Never Criesa in 1998.

Virginie Ledoyen, whose perfect figure and almond-shaped eyes (which she inherited from her Spanish grandparents) have contributed greatly to her success, already describes herself as "an old actress. …