A Troika of Ex-Presidents

Article excerpt

ECONOMY ready to take off.

Fasten your seat belts. Rice and noodles will be served.


Almost three million families have nothing to eat.

The leaders must get together or suffer from the explosion.


GMA releases half a billion pesos to feed rice and noodles to the poor.

Okay lang, but donat forget the sardines.


GMA has invited FVR, Cory, and Erap to Council of State meeting.

They all want her to step down. Is this the occasion to talk about it?


It is doubtful if Erap will attend the council meeting.

His attendance will be viewed as a surrender of his claim that he is still the legitimate president.


Imee and Butz A were out of line in berating FVR for espousing government reforms.

FVR is a genuine patriot and I donat doubt his motives in calling for improvement of governance.


Opposition is hatching another plot to unseat the President and installing a revolutionary government to replace her.

Gabby Claudio says FVR himself told him about the plot, peks man and cross my heart.


The opposition and military officers are trying to recruit FVR to join them but he isnat biting.

They should offer it to Erap because he claims he is still the legitimate president.


MalacaA[+ or -]ang is dropping plans to create a government of national unity because the opposition remains intransigent and will continue attempts to topple the President.

It was a crazy idea in the first place.


Meeting of FVR with Senate Prez Drilon and former senator Vic Sotto was an exploratory talk for formation of all-out alliance of the opposition. …