New Year Brings New Rules for 2006

Article excerpt

Byline: The Register-Guard

Oregon boaters, hunters and anglers face new rules in 2006 as a result of Oregon laws that took effect Jan. 1. Here are the highlights:

Boaters between the ages of 45 and 50 are added to the group required to carry a boater education card when operating powerboats greater than 10 horsepower. The boater education card shows that the holder has completed a basic boater education course.

The boater education law was enacted by the 1999 Oregon Legislature to reduce accidents, injuries and property damage on Oregon waterways. The requirement is being phased in by age and will apply to boaters 60 and younger in 2007, 70 and younger in 2008 and to all boaters in 2009.

Teak surfing, also known as "platform dragging," became illegal Jan. 1. Teak surfing involves a passenger hanging onto the rear of the boat and being pulled through the water until the boat's wake builds enough to allow body surfing. The 2005 legislature banned teak surfing because of a number of dangers, including the swimmer's proximity to the boat propeller and the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning. Anyone operating a motorboat with someone holding onto or occupying the portion of boat aft the transom faces a fine of up to $360.

Hunters are governed by several new regulations in 2006, including:

Bowhunters are no longer restricted to using compound bows with a maximum "let-off" of 65 percent. …