New York: Attend the Most Comprehensive Active Trader Expo

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New York * February 18-21, 2006

Marriott Marquis Hotel * New York, NY






Why Traders of All Skill Levels Should Attend ...

* KNOWLEDGE: Over 50 top traders and trading educators will share their wisdom and experience with you.

* DIALOGUE: There are several interactive events available such as panel discussions and Q & A opportunities with top traders that will help you become a more consistently profitable trader.

* EDUCATION: A series of in-depth, classroom training sessions designed to enhance your trading skills.

* DISCOVERY: See over 100 of the latest products and services, technological developments, and innovations that can make your trading both more profitable and efficient--all in the Exhibit Hall.

* COMMUNITY: Connect with fellow traders and learn what has worked and not worked for them in their recent trades.

FREE Trading Tools, Techniques, & Strategies

Acquiring and maintaining a profitable trading edge requires that you have the best tools, knowledge, and training to use those tools effectively. If you're looking for new trading tools and tactics, these sessions, brought to you by Traders Expo sponsors and exhibitors, will keep you up to speed on the cutting-edge trading tools and strategies necessary for successfully trading today's markets.


Tuesday, February 21

Protecting and Making Profits Through Options

Panelists will discuss how traders can improve their trading and profits through options. You do not need to understand Greek to be able to utilize options in your trading. Several simple option strategies will be covered and these top traders will show you how options can be used in lieu of stops as a better and more flexible way to protect profits and limit losses.


Saturday, February 18

Pattern Recognition in the Markets

James Altucher, Formula Capital This session will discuss how to identify tradable patterns, how to test for their significance, and how to develop and execute the trade that results.

Sunday, February 19 * 7:30 pm-9:00 pm

Using Investor's Business Daily and to Achieve Huge Potential Profits

Learn the basics of Investor's Business Daily's proven investing system that has outperformed the market year after year. They'll also show you a series of stock screening tools you can use to identify and track potential market leaders.

Monday, February 20 * 8:00 am-9:30 am

Foreign Exchange Trading--Driving Global Markets Panel

Join moderator Tim Bourquin, co-founder of The Traders Expo, and top currency traders and analysts as they clue you in on what drives the currency markets and the strategies and techniques they use to maximize return and minimize risk.

Monday, February 20 * 7:00 pm-10:00 pm

New Techniques to Safely Enhance Your Portfolio Returns

An evening of investment ideas and new software tools sponsored by thinkorswim and the CBOE. Led by the experts in option education and trading, the thinkorswim gurus will teach you innovative enhancement techniques that will make a dramatic difference in your investment returns.

Saturday, February 18 * 3:00 pm-5:00 pm

Powerful Strategies for Trading E-minis

The E-mini stock indexes continue to offer the highest profit potential and have become the most ideal trading vehicle among professional traders. In this interactive presentation, Afshin Taghechian, internationally recognized trading expert and developer of the TIMES trading method, will demonstrate some of his top-ranked and unique strategies for maximum profit potential. Through this event, you will learn simple and powerful ways of short-term trading the E-minis. …