Fantazia's Back; Dance Event Kings Return to Scotland with Circus Special

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Byline: by stuart barrie

RAVE kings Fantazia are back in Scotland after a 13-year absence and they're promising to make an even bigger impact than last time.

One of the original rave organisers, Fantazia made their mark in 1993 with their Seminal Big Bang, arguably the best ever dance event in Scotland.

Now they're back with what's sure to be another landmark event at Braehead next Saturday and they're pulling out all the stops to make this circus-themed event every bit as memorable as the Big Bang.

James Perkins is the top man in one of the UK's most successful dance organisations. Here, the Razz puts him on the spot.

Q What brings you back to Scotland?

A It's a collaboration between myself and Ricky Magowan. We had one look at Braehead and I knew straight away it was the ideal space. It was the amazing reception we got in Scotland that made us plump for here. Scotland is an ideal place to party.

Q What have you been up to since the last time you where here with the Big Bang nearly 13 years ago?

A We've been very busy touring around the world and putting on parties. …