Contraceptives Are Dangerous to Your Health

Article excerpt

Byline: Bernardo M Villegas

THERE are a few Filipino executives who would like to emulate Thai Senator Mechai Veravaidya, known in Thailand as the "Condom King." They would like to go around squatter areas and other economically depressed districts to distribute free condoms in order to cut down on population growth and to combat HIV and AIDS.

I wish these misguided leaders would study closely the tragic case of Thailand. Today, more than 570,000 Thais are infected with HIV and AIDS and more than 400,000 have died of it, making AIDS the leading cause of death among young adults. To combat this epidemic, Mechai Veravaidya a" the incorrigible condom pusher a" wants to renew the campaign he started in the 1980s which made condoms readily available to the Thai youth.

Today, he has the cheek to complain that there is a growing appetite for casual sex among Thai teenagers, who according to recent surveys, are starting to have sex at an earlier age. His solution is to provide these sex-hungry youth with condoms so that they do not contract or transmit the HIV infections. Little does he realize that the very reason that teenagers are having sex at an earlier age is the fostering of a sexually permissive climate by people like him who have been promoting the widespread dispersal of contraceptives. Make contraceptives freely available and you get a copulation explosion! The sexual culture becomes one of "copulation on demand," not very different from the behavior of dogs and bitches.

The objection to condoms is not a "Catholic" prejudice. Recently, Reuters reported that plans to install 500 condom vending machines in Chennai, the capital of one of Indiaas worst HIV/AIDSaffected states, have angered Muslim groups, who object to the plan for its degrading women and corrupting the youth.

The Muslim leaders have a lot more common sense than the Thai senator. "We must fight AIDS, but these machines at public places will only promote sex outside marriage among the younger generation," said M.H. Jawahirullah, who heads Tamil Naduas largest Muslim group, the Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam (Muslim Progressive Party).

"In its AIDS campaign, the government could end up promoting illicit sex, which will lead to a permissive culture that could boomerang on the anti-AIDS effort itself."

The party "wants these machines to go", he said.

The womenas wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind planned to demonstrate in Chennai, the Tamil Nadu capital, against the machines.

"This condom culture being propagated by the government can do nothing towards battling AIDS. On the other hand, it is bound to further denigrate the status of women and ruin the younger generation," convenor Fatheema Jalal told Reuters.

Condoms are not the only contraceptives that are dangerous to the health of the users. Other contraceptives arenat always safe as some publicity campaigns for sex education would indicate. A recent stream of reports has warned of health risks associated with some types of contraceptives.

The latest came last week, when the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned that the Ortho Eve birth-control patch exposes users to more hormones than previously disclosed, the Associated Press reported November 11. …