Phase-Out of Poor Nursing Schools Pushed; to Improve Philippines Nursing Education, Bicol Lawmaker Says

Article excerpt

LEGAZPI CITY a" To improve the quality of nursing education in the country, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) should phase out substandard nursing schools instead of forcing prospective nursing students to undergo a special college entrance test, lawmakers said here yesterday.

"Nursing students go to school and pay tuition, in many cases, sky-high tuition, precisely because they expect to obtain adequate instruction," Catanduanes Rep. Joseph A. Santiago said.

"If deficient nursing colleges cannot provide students their moneyas worth in training, then the schools concerned have no business staying in business," Santiago said.

Santiago said the CHED should promptly raise the bar for nursing schools and compel them to quickly shape up or risk being shut down.

"Many young Filipinos aspire for a good-quality nursing education because it offers them a way out of poverty and the opportunity to work in greener pastures," he said. "We must safeguard this hope and dream by seeing to it that inferior schools are phased out."

Starting next year, the CHED plans to require all high school graduates to take a new National Nursing College Admission Test before they are allowed to enroll in a nursing course. …