Helping You Cope with Bereavement

Article excerpt

L & S MUIR Bereavement Care offers a new and unique service to those who have become bereaved.

The service provided can cover a wide range of practical and emotional subjects, all planned to help the bereaved through what is undoubtedly one of the most traumatic times of their lives.

Lynda Muir, of L & S Muir Bereavement Care, says: "When we become bereaved, there are feelings that are completely new to us such as feelings of confusion, helplessness and an overwhelming feeling of sadness.

"L & S Muir strives to help and guide you through the processes and practicalities of what is required to arrange a funeral and to contact the family members and friends you may wish to be with you in your time of grief."

L & S Muir can also provide a funeral service and music of a nonreligious nature if required.

If your bereavement is the loss of a partner, they can also help after the funeral when you feel alone and wonder how you can cope with so much to do.

For example, there will be utility bills to pay and to be changed into your sole name. …