THE MUSLIM BOYS' RULE OF TERROR; EXCLUSIVE JAIL RUN BY AL-QAEDA Fanatic Thugs in Razor Attacks on Prisoners Inmates Are Ordered to Take Up Islamic Faith Chapel Used to Groom Gang for Terrorism

Article excerpt

Byline: By GREIG BOX

VIOLENT Islamic extremists are terrorising inmates at Britain's toughest jail with an iron fist as they trawl for al-Qaeda recruits.

The gang of thugs - known as The Muslim Boys - intimidate frightened inmates at Belmarsh into joining their faith, beating those who refuse their bullying demands.

Some bloodied victims have been slashed by razor blades attached to toothbrushes. Others have had boiling water hurled over them. Prisoners say they are in fear for their lives.

The brutal brotherhood - whose gang on the outside is the Yard's Public Enemy No 1 - also host weekly "religious" meetings where it is feared members are groomed for terrorism by al-Qaeda chiefs.

Watching guards are helpless to take action as they do not understand what is being said. Some have been attacked at the "services".

In a bid to break the network, leaders have been transferred to other jails. But others step into their shoes.

The reign of terror is disclosed in a report from Belmarsh's head of security - seen by the Mirror.

Referring to a review in December, it declares: "Prisoners reported abuse, assaults, intimidation and threats. Some of the atrocities were carried out with impunity during associations causing victims to fear for their lives.

"Most of the perpetrators are believed to be members of the Muslim Boys gang who intensified their drive to recruit other prisoners to the fold.

"They force prisoners to accept the Muslim faith - those who refuse suffer assaults. They promise potential converts protection from other prisoners and staff who they challenge at every opportunity."

A source said: "These people are terrifying. Extreme Muslims are pulling together and the jail has experienced a surge in violence, drugs and intimidation.

"The Muslim Boys' gangmaster orders most of the assaults on fellow prisoners. They rule through fear and are very hard to infiltrate."

Security chiefs are most worried at the weekly seminars held by the gang in Belmarsh's multi-faith chapel.

Our source said: "Belmarsh has got a huge problem tackling the recruitment of terrorist cells.

"These people hold religious services every week. Around 125 Muslims attend and top members of al-Qaeda preach.

"None of the staff has a clue what they're talking about. Six officers attend each service, but all they can do is stand and watch.

"Those in the chapel could be planning a major terrorist attack but the officers wouldn't know.

"We can't even tape the service and get it translated because it is against Human Rights. It's frightening."

A former intelligence officer said last night: "This is extremely worrying. The degree of indoctrination in prison might be much higher and result in a recruit more dedicated to terrorism. …