Canada's Sovereignty

Article excerpt


The honeymoon already is over between the Bush and Harper administrations ("Canada's new leaders," Editorial, Wednesday). David Wilkins, the U.S. ambassador to Canada, stated that plans to assert Canadian jurisdiction of the Arctic are unacceptable. During the recent election, Mr. Wilkins expressed his dismay with statements made by outgoing Prime Minister Paul Martin. He refrained at that time from expressing his views on the Conservative Party's plans to build three military-class icebreakers to enforce Canadian sovereignty in Arctic waters.

I did not vote for the Conservatives because I do not support the social-conservative policies many in that party openly support. Instead, I voted for the social-democratic New Democratic Party, which has social and economic policies closer to my own beliefs. On the other hand, the one part of the Conservative platform with which I do agree is increasing the military budget.

After years of cuts to military budgets under both Liberal and Conservative administrations, this is perhaps a government that will increase military spending. …