Pop Goes My Deafness; Cable Car Ride Brings Man's Hearing Back after 15 Years

Article excerpt

Daily Mail Reporter WHEN Derek Glover clambered into a cable car to return to his ski hotel, it was to prove the most extraordinary journey of his life.

Mr Glover, 72, had been deaf for 15 years and had hearing aids in both ears.

But within seconds of beginning his descent there was a huge pop - and suddenly he could hear again.

'Now everything is crystal clear,' said the father of three yesterday at home in Bourne, Lincolnshire.

'I don't need my hearing aids any more.' Mr Glover was on holiday two weeks ago at Cavalese in the Italian Dolomites with his daughter Dawn and son-in-law Kim.

They had just finished a morning's skiing when they got into the cable car.

He said: 'We were at about 7,000ft when I heard a very loud pop - and all of a sudden this incredible wave of sound came rushing into my ears. I had been talking to Dawn and, as usual, had been forced to lean in close to her and watch her lips move to understand what she was saying.

'But after my ears popped I could suddenly hear her as clear as a bell.

I was aware of the difference straight away. It was wonderful - amazing.'

The grandfather of five telephoned his wife Connie from Italy to tell her the good news. Mrs Glover, also 72, said: 'I couldn't believe it. He said, "Don't shout, I have got my hearing back".' Her husband, a former auction house worker, had blamed the loss of his hearing on his National Service, which saw him spend months on firing ranges with the Lincolnshire Regiment. …