Fulfilling Audiovisual Dreams: Accessories Are a Sweet Spot for Electronics Resellers

Article excerpt

As Suzette Kelly spouts off the latest must-haves in audiovisual equipment, it's clear she's a fan of the industry. But even more, Kelly, president of Divine Visual and System Corp. (www.divine visual.com), has dug her heels into a hot, male-dominated trade and staked her ground firmly. "Many people were expecting me the 33-year-old Kelly. "But that just motivates me."

Kelly, a president of Miami, is in the business of making audiovisual dreams come true from extravagant home theaters to state-of-the-art video conferencing systems for corporate boardrooms. Divine Visual resells production equipment, video cameras, wide-range projectors, and media storage. On the higher end, the company sells and installs top-of-the-line LCD and plasma TVs, gigantic viewing screens and systems such as AMX, a touch-panel-controlled system capable of automating any home or business.

In 2004, Divine Visual generated more than $360,000 in revenues. Kelly projects the company's revenues will hit the $1 million mark for 2005. There's no doubt she is in a profitable field. Industry experts expect a 10% growth per year in AV products and services, as consumers remain hungry for more audio and visual communication solutions. It enhances work production on the business side and adds enjoyment and security to the lives of homeowners.

Media room design and installation, with all its required accoutrements--sound and image technology and accessories--are a sweet spot for electronics consultants, home contractors, and audiovisual retailers, who are staying busy turning family rooms into entertainment havens and business conference rooms into office communication hubs.

Additionally, the demand for AV products and services remains high across state and local governments, according to InfoComm International, a trade association for AV professionals (www.infocomm.org). The group's 2005A V Trends and Opportunities Study: State and Local Government reports that spending by state and local governments in the U. …