On Course with Senior Golfers

Article excerpt

Talk about golf with Alan Vandenburgh, president and publisher of Vandenburgh Publishing Co., Inc., and he'll start discussing business, statistics and markets: 5.5 million senior golfers out on the links, the graying of the baby boomers, the increasing popularity of golf--all of which helped inspire the launch of Senior Golfer. Vandenburg's new title makes its debut with a June/July introductory issue, timed to coincide with the 1993 U.S. Senior open.

Although there is already all abundance of golf titles in the marketplace, Vandenburgh remains unfazed because, he says, his is a narrow niche, the result of the careful study of two powerful market trends: the growing popularity of golf and the growing number of senior golfers. And, he adds, "The baby boomers are beginning to climb out of their demographic cribs--Senior Golfer will be ideally positioned to respond to their interests and needs as golf enthusiasts."

Vandenburgh, who enjoys a good game of golf himself, describes his target readers as "core golfers," those between ages 50 and 64 who play at least 25 rounds of golf a year and have the time and means to consume a high proportion of golfing merchandise.

The editorial is headed up by Larry Dennis, former senior editor of Golf Digest, the author of numerous hooks on golf and current contributing writer to Golf Digest and Golf Journal. Articles will focus on the challenging needs of the senior golfer--trading the flexibility and energy of youth for fitness and enthusiasm for the game. Columns are designed to instruct and inform both beginner and accomplished player, addressing such topics as the all-important swing, equipment and product information, course strategy, tournament play, health and fitness--all tailored to the needs of 50-plusers. …