Fathers and Faith St. Raphael Dads Speak to Students about Values, Catholic Education

Article excerpt

Byline: Melissa Jenco Daily Herald Staff Writer

St. Raphael Catholic School students recently got a lesson in faith, but it wasn't from their teachers. It was from their dads.

The Naperville school had its third annual Dads on Campus event last week as part of Catholic Schools Week.

Fathers of fifth- through eighth-grade students came to the school to speak to students about the importance of Catholic education and the role faith plays in their lives.

"It's important for us to reach out to the children because, I think, coming from fathers, hopefully, it'll touch their hearts in one way or another," said dad Jim Roth.

St. Raphael dad Greg Dellinger, also known as Radio Disney's "G- Man," provided music for the event to help pump up the crowd.

Dads Roth, John Capuano, Brian O'Malley, Dan Ryan, Tim Skelly, Roger Wood and Lou Rotta rotated from classroom to classroom throughout the afternoon speaking to students about faith and values. John Jelinek was not able to attend but helped plan the event.

Capuano talked to students about God communicating with them.

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