E-BUSINESS: Phone System Puts Records in Clinicians Hands; Greater Sales Performance Full Campaign Management Facility

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Mobile phone operator Orange UK has unveiled the first UK implementation of a high speed 3G remote patient record system for the NHS in a partnership with technology company Lenovo.

The mobile access patient record system has been rolled out to more than 300 of Dudley South and Dudley Beacon and Castle Primary Care Trust's (PCT) community health staff, enabling real time access to patient records and allowing more time to be spent with patients.

Orange says that instant mobile access to patient records is improving patient care as clinicians can now access vital data in real time, anywhere in the country, from both fixed and mobile locations in the future.

In emergency situations, immediate retrieval of a patient's medical history and drug compatibility will help save lives.

More generally, direct access and inputting of data at the scene will enable more accurate diagnoses and quicker decision making. According to Orange, the system also cuts down on administration and paperwork.

The greater bandwidth of the Orange3G Network makes the speed comparable to working in the office and it also supports the high speed and stringent security requirements of the NHS.

Ensuring patient data privacy is paramount and clinicians will be using IBM X.41 laptops which use thumbprint biometrics as security authentication.

Orange has also provided additional security to Dudley PCT's Virtual Private Network (VPN) that allows users to connect only to the trust network via the internet. …