Disregard for Tenants

Article excerpt

SIR - I refer to the letter (February 7) which appeared in last week's Rhondda Leader, Pontypridd Observer and Western Mail from the Plaid Cymru trio of Jill Evans, Pauline Jarman and Leanne Wood.

First of all, I would like to point out that during the previous Rhondda Cynon Taff administration when the Welsh Nationalists were in control, they had proceeded quite a long way down the road of housing stock transfer. They abandoned the process for only one reason, the imminent local election of 2004. Showing complete disregard for the future of our tenants, they shelved the process. The only concern they had was the effect that such a decision would have made on their election prospects. The electorate spoke loud and clear in June 2004, and Welsh nationalism in RCT was confined to the political dustbin.

In the letter, they state that the tenants are being asked to vote to transfer their homes to a private housing company. This is absolute nonsense and typical of the political posturing we are used to from Plaid Cymru. …