Balance, Objectivity & Fairness in Reporting

Article excerpt


A newspaperas value is measured both by its longevity and by its capacity to mobilize public opinion and influence the course of events.

The Manila Bulletin has both. Alone among the giant broadsheets in Manila, it can look back on a record of reporting on major events that stretches over a hundred years. It has seen the fortunes of this country change many times over, and chronicled its struggles in the decades that defined Filipino nationhood through war and rebellion, independence and freedom, and the renaissance of democracy. In this sense your newspaper is a national voice that continues to bridge generations of Filipinos and the various sectors of Philippine society.

In the morning of this century, The Manila Bulletin once again takes a front-row seat to witness the making of history and chronicle an era of change. The Philippines is on the eve of constitutional reform that could change the way we govern and do our politics a" in the name of political stability, efficient and humane governance, and sustainable economic growth.

As on many historic occasions, The Manila Bulletin is a force in the shaping of public opinion on Charter reform. I am heartened that in this age when the mass media have penetrated and influenced national life more strongly than ever, your newspaper has reported on the issue with a great measure of balance, objectivity, and fairness. …