National Research Council of the Philippines 73rd Annual Meeting at the Historic Landmark Manila Hotel

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THE National Research Council of the Philippines is the oldest existing collegial and scientific advisory arm of the Philippine government with 2,963 Filipino scientist-members spread over 12 fields of knowledge a" mathematics, medicine, pharmacy, biology, agriculture, engineering, physics, chemistry, earth/space sciences, humanities, social sciences, education, and governmental and international policies.

Today, the National Research Council of the Philippines of the Department of Science and Technology (NRCP-DoST) gathers about a thousand Filipino researchers, technologists, and scientists working in private and government research institutions, including state colleges and universities, for the 73rd Annual Meeting of the NRCP at the historic landmark Manila Hotel.

The NRCP-DoST has decided to focus on a timely issue as this yearas theme "Research Collaboration for Sustainable Development.aa In the aftermath of the Barangay Guinsaugon landslide as well as the many other environmental problems in the past, the NRCP-DoST Annual Meeting will focus on the urgent need for research and development (R&D) on sustainable development for the countryas energy and water resources, and population, as well as the need to strengthen the application of research collaboration schemes. Sustainable development is now a global concern, especially with the rapid depletion of fossil oil deposits, the declining quality and quantity of surface and groundwater, the expanding population, among others, which jeopardizes the stability of human existence. …