Hidden Plight of Victims of Global Sex Tourism; the Jailing of Gary Glitter in Vietnam Has Highlighted the Disturbing Growth in the Child Sex Tourism Industry. Emma Gunby Reports

Article excerpt

Byline: Emma Gunby

Hundreds of thousands of vulnerable and impoverished children work as prostitutes in south-east Asia according to Unicef.

Many are forced into the industry or sold to brothels by relatives or people they know.

They cater for paedophiles who travel from across the world to take advantage of the growing industry.

Sex tourists from China, France, the US, Germany and the UK are among the most prevalent predators, according to a report by international aid agency World Vision.

The report found them to be the top five nationalities who travelled to Cambodia to prey on children.

Out of 68 children interviewed by the organisation 88 per cent of them had been involved in providing sex services for tourists.

The problem is not only confined to south-east Asia with Africa an increasing target for the travelling paedophiles.

A joint report released in 2004 by the Government of The Gambia and UNICEF revealed that sexual abuse and exploitation of children was on the rise in the West African nation.

As many as 100,000 tourists visited The Gambia in 2003, mainly from Britain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands and Germany. …