Straight to the Point

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For decades the Welsh National Opera complained there was no venue in Cardiff worthy of staging its productions, so now they have the expensive Wales Millennium Centre, what do they do? Stage the Flying Dutchman in a shoe box! Half the stage in darkness, a box with sliding sides, projected images which made it feel like the cinema, and Bryn Terfel wandering on and off like a lost sheep! It could have been staged in a village hall.

David Lewis

Mackintosh Place, Roath Park, Cardiff

SO it's taken nearly eight years at a disgraceful cost of pounds 67m to build the National Assembly debating chamber, even the name Senedd is a falsehood as Wales does not have a parliament! What we have is a giant greenhouse with what looks like a large wooden mushroom growing through the centre. Stand back and compare the new assembly building to the beautiful architecture of the old Pierhead building adjacent. Using Prince Charles' words on modern buildings, the assembly chamber is a monstrous carbuncle!

DV Austin

Pillmawr Road, Malpas, Newport

I WAS pleased my letter on nuclear weapons promoted Ben Lewis to write in reply. …