Family of 7 Coyotes Trapped, Sent Away

Article excerpt

Byline: Sheila Ahern Daily Herald Staff Writer

The population of Arlington Heights just went down by seven.

Seven coyotes, this is.

Rob Erickson, a licensed coyote trapper from Cortland, trapped and relocated a family of seven coyotes near Greenbrier Elementary School between Feb. 23 and March 5. Erickson declined to say exactly where the coyotes were relocated to, but said it was within 40 miles of Arlington Heights.

"We're done," Erickson said. "It's impossible to say we've gotten every single coyote, but the ones we trapped were probably the ones causing the problems. We pulled everything out today (Friday)."

Erickson trapped one male coyote on Feb. 23 and another male on March 1. He trapped a female on March 3, and another male on March 4. On March 5, he trapped two females and one male.

All of coyotes weighed between 24 and 31 pounds and none of them appeared to be sick, he said.

"The blood tests haven't come back yet, but there wasn't any discharge from the eyes or abnormal behavior," he said.

Erickson's method of coyote trapping did not hurt the animal, he said. After he captured each Arlington Heights coyote using a foot trap, the animal was tranquilized and then driven away from the village in the back of a pickup truck, he said. …