Targets under Perspective of Values

Article excerpt

THE measures that have been specified for each of the two strategic objectives under the perspective of values need to be brought to operational use. They need to be sharpened as a tool that would help bring out concrete, specific actions and initiatives.

How is this to be done?

The first measure is already specific: How many individual persons would be crafting and using a personal governance scorecard? This would require some organized approach to get done.

That approach should be through the different sectors in society. Sectors are the proper channels to get to individual persons. They have their own organizations, and within each of these there can be a hierarchy of units, through which individual persons can be reached or can get involved and committed.

It becomes critical, then, for these sectors to be involved and committed to the program promoting "Responsible Citizenship." It is here where targets can be set for certain time frames. How many of these sectors can be connected with the "Responsible Citizenship" program by 2006? How many by 2015? And how many by 2030?

Furthermore, through whatever initiatives these sectors should be undertaking under the "Responsible Citizenship" program, how many individual persons can get around to craft and use their own personal governance scorecards? The same time frames may be used, i.e. 2006, 2015, and 2030. In this regard, the ground is prepared in 2006. Then for 2015, a target is set for 50,000 individuals actively using their personal governance scorecard; and for 2030, the target is for l million individuals. …