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Who runs the site: football expert Tim O'Halloran.

The site's best features: Want video of top football recruits? It's here. Want game analysis? Here. An intelligent forum to speak your mind? OK, you get the point. If it's relevant to Illinois high school football, it's on this site.

Why go to this site: Not just a football recruiting site, "Edgy Tim" O'Halloran consumes the sport in all facets. Whether it's an in-depth player interview or an editorial piece about the state of the game, O'Halloran fully shows his passion for the sport. A proud disclaimer: "Edgy" is also a Daily Herald contributor in the fall.


Who runs the site: A request for information was not answered.

The site's best features: While clearly a high school wrestling fan's dream, this site doesn't go dormant when the season ends in March. The best part about Illinois Matmen is that it follows the action year-round at the youth, high school, college and club levels. Everything from rankings to camp information can be found here.

Why go to this site: As much as they'd like to be in 10 places at once, wrestling fans can only attend a certain number of meets. This site has ample information on the statewide scene. Previews and wrapups of top tournaments are right at your fingertips.


Who runs the site: Web site founders Al Miller and Mike Stevens, former coaches in Iowa.

The site's best features: A well-designed format for looking at statistics packages in a variety of sports. Break it down by teams, games, individuals - just about any way you wish. The free service allows coaches to track their stats as often, and as detailed as they wish.

Why go to this site: While a handful of area coaches take advantage of the terrific services offered by Stats & Go, it's still a relatively underused Web site. But think of the possibilities, coaches. Every player has his own her own page where you can find compiled or game-by-game stats. Team stats are organized the same way. Heck, you can even put your picture on there.


Who runs the site: The Illinois High School Association and webmaster Scott Johnson.

The site's best features: Ever wondered who has the record for most consecutive state titles won in football? This is the place to go (although we'll let the cat out of the bag - the answer's Driscoll with five straight and counting). A glorious record book, the highlight being a detailed history of the original March Madness. All IHSA announcements are found here, including recent historic memos about the multiplier and the upcoming plan to add classes in several sports.

Why go to this site: The grandaddy of all Illinois high school Web sites, this is where it all begins. All official post-season information is posted on this site first. The Score Zone is a great place to find up-to-date playoff scores. And the football pairings timetable information - who's in, who's out, all the matchups - is just a blast.


Who runs the site: The Illinois High School Soccer Coaches Association.

The site's best features: Sounds simple, but thanks to a solid redesign it's one of the best organized high school sports Web sites you'll find. Timely with its news - especially the IHSSCA's postseason honors in the fall and spring - the site also offers photos from their events. Offering a little bit of everything, even the links are quality.

Why go to this site: Because it gives you entertainment in addition to the nuts and bolts. Sure, you can find coaching openings and teams looking for games. But you'll also find a bunch of fun pictures now and then. Also, this is the place to go if you want to see the names of the 11 different Daily Herald writers named Media Person of the Year since 1981. Sorry, shameless plug.


Who runs the site: We do.

The site's best features: Columns by several writers, including the dean of high school sports, Bob Frisk; box scores for events throughout the north and west suburbs; and the photos you see in the print edition of the newspaper are on sale here.

Why go to this site: Yes, it's shameless plug time again. We've been making improvements to our Web site lately, and more are on the way. It's a great way for Grandma in Florida to keep track of her grandchildren's success on the ballfields, etc., here in chilly Chicagoland.


Who runs the site: The coaches of the Illinois High School Baseball Coaches Association and webmaster Brian Wujcik.

The site's best features: A really neat list of all current minor-league and major-league players from Illinois, complete with last season's stats. Also, a look at the future: The top prospects, "The Cream of the Crop", from this year's senior class along with a peak even further ahead at the Class of 2007 and 2008.

Why go to this site: A ton of useful information. It has all the ins and outs of the summer league tournament in addition to news about clinics, all-state teams, open dates and links to team Web sites. Honestly, though, go to this site for the list of MLB players from the Prairie State.


Who runs the site: The Illinois Basketball Coaches Association and Web site director Brad Storm.

The site's best features: What do Lou Boudreau, Ray Meyer and Abe Saperstein have in common? They're all IBCA Hall of Famers, and they can be found on this site. The list is flat-out staggering, from George Mikan to Mark Aguirre, it's a who's who of Illinois basketball.

Why go to this site: A player-intensive site only begins with the list of all-state teams. The IBCA also has all-star games for both boys and girls basketball, and the participants can be found here. But mainly go to for the history. You'll be awed by the list of legends.


Who runs the site: John Tawa, the former managing editor of Student Sports Magazine who's been writing about volleyball since 1998.

The site's best features: National team and player rankings, and a message board.

Why go to this site: If you're a big volleyball fan, then the $25 annual subscription fee will seem like a bargain. Tawa puts in the time to compile credible rankings. He even flies from his Oregon home to personally check out the Nike Challenge held at Mother McAuley. While informative, the site doesn't take itself ultra-seriously. Even the message board generally has a fun tone to it.


Who runs the site: Illinois High School Football Coaches Association officer and Waubonsie Valley head coach Paul Murphy.

The site's best features: Some really cool stuff here, especially for coaches. There's a whole "Resources" area where you can link to information on how to run the "West Coast Offense" and the "46 Bears Defense." Another good coaching source features a spot for open coaching positions and open games on the schedule.

Why go to this site: It doesn't have the entertainment value of some fan-friendly sites, but the core of this site serves a definite purpose. And let's face it: Learning the X's and O's of the wishbone offense is pretty cool.


Who runs the site: Collegiate Commissioners Association.

The site's best features: The site offers signing dates and all the information for students and parents who might be recruited for Division I athletic scholarships.

Why go to this site: In talking with readers we've learned they want to know how they can help their student-athletes get athletic scholarships. This site won't help get a college coach's attention, but it will help those who are being recruited learn more about the process.


Who runs the site: A veteran central Illinois fan who attended 44 Class A basketball games in 2005-06.

The site's best features: From top teams in the state to the really little guys, this site is where it's at for boys Class A basketball. Current polls, season histories, season schedules of the tough teams, statistics and records and brackets.

Why go to this site: Because it's an indispensable resource for boys Class A basketball.


Who runs the site: Illinois Prep Top Times operator Tony Jones and webmaster Bob Geiger.

The site's best features: The state's standard-bearer for boys and girls indoor and outdoor track results. IPTT features Class A and AA leader boards for each event and meet results. There are sections for preseason previews, coach openings and a message board. The IPTT also runs a meet to culminate the indoor season, the Indoor Classic, whose results are fully documented on the Web site.

Why go to this site: Depends who you are. If you're an athlete, you can see what time or distance it'll take to beat your competition. If you're a coach, it's a scouting tool. If you're a fan, it reveals who to watch.


Who runs the site: Now published by Student Sports, the site is the brainchild of Californian, founder and editor-in-chief John Dye.

The site's best features: What the Illinois Prep Top Times does on the state level, DyeStat does on the national level. Regional reports, national rankings within events, updates on the Nike indoor and outdoor national events, athlete blogs, meet videos and highlight clips - it's all here.

Why go to this site: Because you're a track junkie and you want to see if someone you know - maybe even yourself - rates among the tops in the nation in his or her event.


Who runs the site: This is the Internet sports vehicle of the College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin.

The site's best features: That depends which of the 21 different sports detailed here you most enjoy. From fall through spring, women's tennis to men's tennis, this Web site provides news on all athletics of the eight-team conference, which includes Wheaton, North Central and Elmhurst, with links to each.

Why go to this site: There's no reason to stop following local athletes just because they've graduated high school. The continuing exploits of dozens of local kids - and some of the best Division III programs in the country - are documented here.

This is not intended to be a comprehensive list. Rather, it is a starting point for high school athletes, their parents, coaches and fans. If you want to recommend more Web sites for us to write about, e-mail Orrin Schwarz at