Standard Math, Science Curricula Planned

Article excerpt


There is hope for Science and Math education in the country.

A framework for Science and Mathematics education in the country is now being developed in a bid to come up with a standard curriculum for teaching the said major subjects in both public and private schools.

In an interview with the Manila Bulletin, Science Education Institute (SEI a" Department of Science and Technology) senior science research specialist Ruby Cristobal said the development of a framework in Science and Math education has been commissioned to the University of the Philippines a" National Institute of Science and Mathematics Education (UP a" NISMED) so the country would finally be able to "come up with a basis in creating a curriculum" for the said subject areas.

"The curriculum (for Science and Math) is revised every five years (but there is) no solid foundation for Science and Math, surprisingly," she said.

The framework talks about philosophies, principles and perceived outcomes in Science and Math education. It also includes statements which "will tell you the direction of the curriculum," Cristobal said.

"You address both (student and teacher curriculum) by developing Science and Math framework," she added.

According to Cristobal, the development of a framework in Science involves the countryas top academicians in the said field, including Dr. Tina Padolina and Dr. Lolita Andrada of the UP a" NISMED, among others.

For Mathematics, meanwhile, the development of the framework is headed by Dr. Catherine Vistro Yu of the Ateneo de Manila University. …