ROO BRO'S SICK SONG; EXCLUSIVE HE GLOATS OVER MASS MURDERS BY SHIPMAN SUNG TO THE TUNE OF WINTER WONDERLAND There's Only One Harold Shipman, One. Harold Shipman. All the Scousers Shake Hands, 'Cos He Only Kills Mancs. Walking in a Shipman Wonderland

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WAYNE Rooney's brother has been caught on film singing hate-filled songs is praise of serial killer Harold Shipman.

Liverpool-born Graham Rooney, 18, grins as he strums a guitar and belts out twisted terrace anthems mocking victims of the evil GP... because they came from Manchester.

Mobile phone cam era footage which has leaked on to the internet is sure to embarrass brother Wayne, now an idol to Manchester United fans. Shipman, 57, Britain's worst serial killer, was jailed for life in 2000 for murdering 15 elderly patients in Hyde, Greater Manchester. He hanged himself in jail in 2004.

Egged on by an unseen pal, Everton fan Rooney, a dead ringer for his brother, sings two anti-Man United taunts. Striking out-of-key chords on his guitar, he chants to the tune of Winter Wonderland: "There's only one Harold Shipman/One Harold Shipman/All the Scousers shake hands/Cos he only kills Manes/Walking in a Shipman wonderland."

To the tune of London Bridge is Falling Down, he sings: "Harold Shipman killed your gran/Killed your gran/Killed your gran/Harold Shipman killed your gran/He's a Scouser! …