One Harold Shipman, There's Only One Harold Shipman. Scousers Say Thanks Cos He Only Kills Mancs, Walking in a Shipman Wonderland; EXCLUSIVE ROONEY BRO'S SICK WEB SONG SHAME

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ENGLAND ace Wayne Rooney's kid brother has been caught singing vile soccer chants about serial killer Harold Shipman.

Graham Rooney, 18, was filmed PRAISING the evil doctor who murdered 260 patients - because the victims were from Liverpool's rival city Manchester.

The video footage broadcast on the Internet will horrify Wayne, 20 - and has sickened relatives and friends of people twisted Shipman killed.

Liverpudlian Graham, who is the spitting image of his famous brother, is seen strumming a guitar in a bedroom while pals egg him on.

To the tune of Winter Wonderland, he sings: "One Harold Shipman, There's only one Harold Shipman.

"Scousers say thanks, Cos he only kills Mancs. Walking in a Shipman wonderland."

Then he smirks and points directly at the camera. Smiling broadly he chants: "Harold Shipman killed your nan, he's a Scouser."

Liverpool-born Wayne, who ironically plays for Manchester United, knows nothing about his brother's sick joke.

Last night Angela Wagstaff, the daughter-in-law of 81-year-old Shipman victim Kathleen Wagstaff, said: "It's very upsetting."

Kathleen was killed at her home by Shipman - dubbed Dr Death - in 1999.

Angela, 56, said: "It's horrible that someone is making fun of that. Disgusting. It's the kind of behaviour you might expect from someone of little sensitivity and low intelligence.

"This is horrific behaviour from anybody - but I can't understand why he's doing it to Mancunians when his brother plays for Manchester United. …