La Salle to Continue Recruiting Athletes

Article excerpt

Byline: kristel satumbaga

LA SALLE Universityas recruitment program continues despite the one-year suspension slapped by the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP).

Coaches and officials of the school believe the suspension will not affect the need to recruit athletes because the UAAP is not the only event they are competing in.

Ramil de Jesus, coach of the womenas volleyball team, said: "I think tuloy-tuloy pa rin naman ang recruitment ng La Salle. Mayroon pa naman kasing ibang tournaments kaming sinasalihan, hindi lang naman UAAP. At saka one year lang naman kaming suspended."

Track and field coach Jeoffrey Chua, who shared De Jesusa view, wanted to erase suspicion that the school would use the time to recruit more athletes.

"Ang hinahabol lang namin ngayon is exposures, not to strengthen the squad but to show them na buhay pa rin ang La Salle," Chua said.

La Salleas recruitment program took a blow when two of its basketball players a" Mark Benitez and Tim Gatchalian III a" were found to have submitted spurious documents to gain college admission. …